PAY IT FORWARD - An act of Kindness

PAY IT FORWARD - Bubbles & Bites


Inspired by the acts of kindness among members of our community purchasing Bubbles & Bites boxes for others. It has been incredible to see, what a difference an act of paying it forward can have in someone's life. The generosity of folks stepping up to provide boxes for others has been awe-inspiring.


Our hope is that people pay kindness forward every day and make each day that little bit brighter especially in time of pandamic.


How does this work?


Purchase this Bubbles & Bites filled with delicious food from Local makers, thus, supporting a thriving and diverse local food economy. Each box contains fresh produce from a small local farmer, sourdough organic bread, dessert and bubbles. That way, recipient gets nutritious and fun variety in their Bubbles & Bites, that's good for their health and uplifts the mood.


For every box purchased, Artizen Kombucha will donate / pay forward a 1 litre bottle of Kombucha or Iced Tea, all the supplies and packaging for the box to happen, as well as we will volunteer our time to deliver this box.

The actual value of this box together with your contribution is $75.


Currently, we are focusing on delivering Bubbles & Bites boxes to folks in need and some of the most vulnerable in our communities, those folks who are going through particularly hard time.


Thank you for making a change. Thank you for standing up for each other. Thank you for choosing kindness and taking steps to stand stronger united.

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